I think of a lot of things Some nice, some ugly My thoughts has no boundary Huge pictures created in the mind With the highest resolution But can not be described in words And if one is able to, The pictures become blare It takes a mind equipped with vocabs To make the images clearContinue reading ”  LECTIO”

My body My wealth

Chasing after material richesWanting to accumulate wealthWe would do anything to attain the peak of abundanceWe risk our treasures Trying to satisfy our frivolous pleasuresOur virginities lost, dignity betossedAll because of luxury Ladies are being used and dumpedThinking they are slayingBut guys actually see them to be playingValue your bodyMake a great deal out ofContinue reading “My body My wealth”

Master key to my heart

Who is she?They say she is a mysteryMere mortals don’t know her historyThe world would have been dull if she had not existHer life is full if victoryLike sugar in sweets,So is she in my lifeLike light in darkness, So was she when I first met herOh! her eyes got me sinkingHer lips got meContinue reading “Master key to my heart”


Depicting in our demeanour What cause others to be in a dilemma Values that still shine during sunset Attained from the school of no regret Great love she showed us And care that does not rust The secret behind the cream shirt Beautiful than the city, Moscow Which people don’t know Makes us glow AccraContinue reading “BLEOO”

Accra Academy

Borne from Jamestown,A family not a schoolWhere Legends foundTreasures valued than the golden stoolKnowledge tapped from its evergreen springMakes us thirst for nothingBoys backed by sweet berries You are awesome, the girls of MerriesBleoo, we are calledAnd in one accordWe say Esse Quam VideriGearing the school to success like a Ferrari

Happy birthday bestie

Embarking on life’s great expeditionNot knowing my questComing across a guide Who helps me reach the hill’s crestGave me bliss where there was forlornness Offered a shoulder for me to cry onEvery moment spent with you was ecstaticCausing me to remain static To avoid breaking life’s fantasyToday being the first of another 365 days WalkContinue reading “Happy birthday bestie”

My world

Once a pirate searched For the most valued treasure Never losing her value And gives him pleasure Being priceless is a fact Not gold nor diamond But moves all heart A beautiful flower that glows Like candles in a flare Causing even the sissy to stare Adorning my empire With intensifying love and care ThatContinue reading “My world”

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