My body My wealth

Chasing after material riches
Wanting to accumulate wealth
We would do anything to attain the peak of abundance
We risk our treasures
Trying to satisfy our frivolous pleasures
Our virginities lost, dignity betossed
All because of luxury
Ladies are being used and dumped
Thinking they are slaying
But guys actually see them to be playing
Value your body
Make a great deal out of it
Do not let intruders invade your property
Protect it with tough security
Wait for the right time
And buy the right heart with it
When cupid arrows stick
We have to be assertive
Your body is your wealth
Invest your body in the right person
And receive positive returns
Your body is expensive
Expensive not to buy material things
But abstract goodies like love and trust


Love Expression
You are a sweet person
Charming as ever
Your eyes are shinny like the sun
And your lips are the sweetest of all
I miss every beautiful part of u
My life is not complete without my Anderson
You are very special to me
I love you with all of my heart
You are always in my dreams and mind
Spending the rest of my life with you is the greatest thing of all
You are my future my love


Master key to my heart

Who is she?
They say she is a mystery
Mere mortals don’t know her history
The world would have been dull if she had not exist
Her life is full if victory
Like sugar in sweets,
So is she in my life
Like light in darkness,
So was she when I first met her
Oh! her eyes got me sinking
Her lips got me pouting
Her cute face got me thinking
Is she a Homo Sapien
Or perhaps an alien
From the beauty galaxy
In fact, her appearance rendered my vocabulary bankrupt
It’s like an illusion I don’t want to disrupt
Who is she? I ask her again
Indeed she is a blessing
Lois is her name
And she drives me insane



Depicting in our demeanour
What cause others to be in a dilemma
Values that still shine during sunset
Attained from the school of no regret
Great love she showed us
And care that does not rust
The secret behind the cream shirt
Beautiful than the city, Moscow
Which people don’t know
Makes us glow
Accra Aca, Bleoo

Accra Academy

Borne from Jamestown,
A family not a school
Where Legends found
Treasures valued than the golden stool
Knowledge tapped from its evergreen spring
Makes us thirst for nothing
Boys backed by sweet berries
You are awesome, the girls of Merries
Bleoo, we are called
And in one accord
We say Esse Quam Videri
Gearing the school to success like a Ferrari

Happy birthday bestie

Embarking on life’s great expedition
Not knowing my quest
Coming across a guide
Who helps me reach the hill’s crest
Gave me bliss where there was forlornness
Offered a shoulder for me to cry on
Every moment spent with you was ecstatic
Causing me to remain static
To avoid breaking life’s fantasy
Today being the first of another 365 days
Walk through with grace and favours
With less misbehaviour
May each candle you blow
Brighten your days and lighten your life
Oh gosh, I’m terribly blessed
But it’s your heart it’s gold I love best

Left alone

I felt I could move the whole universe
When there was me and you
I confused my feelings with the truth
Actually, my emotions was misconstrued
I thought my love for you
Was enough for us to push through
Made me dream with my eyes still on
Spent the best times with me
All this was hokey-pokey
The world came between us
And you allowed it create space between us
Tried to tie you to my waist
But you fell off leaving me like waste
My world is empty without you
The best revenge is just moving
I don’t miss you
I miss the person I thought u were


My world

Once a pirate searched
For the most valued treasure
Never losing her value
And gives him pleasure
Being priceless is a fact
Not gold nor diamond
But moves all heart
A beautiful flower that glows
Like candles in a flare
Causing even the sissy to stare
Adorning my empire

With intensifying love and care

That not expire
You are beautiful and Lovely Your uniqueness makes you Outstanding

I’m helpless and Vulnerable

Whenever in your empire

Making me have the desire

To make you my empress


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