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  • My body My wealth

    312530 Tue+00:002019-11-12T04:05:25+00:00+00:0011b+00:00Tue, 12 Nov 2019 04:05:25 +0000, 2017 by

    Chasing after material richesWanting to accumulate wealthWe would do anything to attain the peak of abundanceWe risk our treasures Trying to satisfy our frivolous pleasuresOur virginities lost, dignity betossedAll because of luxury Ladies are being used and dumpedThinking they are slayingBut guys actually see them to be playingValue your bodyMake a great deal out of… Read more

  • An~Der~Son

    311430 Mon+00:002019-09-16T20:56:14+00:00+00:0009b+00:00Mon, 16 Sep 2019 20:56:14 +0000, 2017 by

    Love Expression You are a sweet person Charming as ever Your eyes are shinny like the sun And your lips are the sweetest of allI miss every beautiful part of u My life is not complete without my Anderson You are very special to me I love you with all of my heart You are… Read more

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